Still Crazy on You

A Conversation with Nancy Wilson of Heart



You’re on tour right now?

We’re on tour right now in between recording sessions. So we’ve been really busy putting together the songs for the new album.

A new Heart album?

We’re making a new album and we’re working with producer Ben Mink.

It seems like nowadays I hear your music more than ever before.

We’ve seen so many young, young kids the last few years now, showing up at the Heart shows, in the front row, yelling, “BARRACUDA!” Which is really cool because it means that our songs are standing the test of time kind of beautifully and the generational dots are connecting. We couldn’t be more excited about that.

It seemed as if Heart had two distinct careers: the classic rock Portrait Records incarnation of the ’70s, and the run you had after signing with Capitol, with the smoke machines and big hair videos on MTV.

Well, at first it was kind of exciting because we had a new record label and new management and a new opportunity to survive. The way the culture was changing because of MTV turned quickly into something else—it was so bombastic, over the top, and [cost] so much money. It was really hard to live up to the standard of the imaging that was starting to support that ’80s fashion; it got to be more trouble than it was worth. All that hairspray. Oh my god.

You can read more of this recent interview over @ the Portland Mercury web site.

“Dog & Butterfly” Children’s Book!

Check it out – by Ann & Nancy Wilson with Amber McDonald – Available October 6th, 2009 on – 26 pages!

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Baby Guitars – Nancy Wilson

Baby Guitars ( Exclusive)
This title will be released on October 6th, 2009.

Acoustic instrumentals for babies to fall asleep to.
This is now available for Pre-order here!


1. Blinky Blinkers
2. Every Snowflake
3. Sun On The Rug
4. Toes In The Sand
5. Hold On To Me
6. Cozy Rain
7. Silky
8. Buzz Buzz
9. Cute Galoot
10. How Many Stars

Nancy’s 2009 Valentine’s video

Nancy just made available her 2009 Valentine’s Day video message 🙂

Heart in the Studio

Heart in the Studio

Heart in the Studio

Continuing with its ‘In the Studio’ series, Rock n’ Roll Books will release Heart – In the Studio in June, 2007. Featuring a chapter-by-chapter account of the recording of the entire Heart catalog, including the making of hits like ‘Magic Man’, ‘Crazy On You’, ‘Barracuda’, ‘These Dreams’, ‘Alone’, ‘All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)’, and others Ann and Nancy Wilson made famous over their 25+ year career, the book will feature exclusive interviews with all of the band’s producers, including Mike Flicker, Keith Olsen, Ron Nevison, Ritchie Zito, Duane Baron, and others, as well as interviews with band members chronicling the recording of the band’s catalog of multi-platinum albums. Authored by biographer Jake Brown, the publishing house will also release ‘Rick Rubin In the Studio’ in June, 2007.”

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