“Happy New Year” Heartmongers! Roll on 2014

With love from “The Heart Gallery”

Happy New Year 2014

Happy Holidays! Roll on 2014!!

Happy Holidays to all Heartmongers!! Roll on 2014 😎

Happy New Year Heartmongers!!!


Just a quick note to say the site has been updated with a new look n’ feel in preparation for the upcoming release of Fanatic.

Hope you enjoy 😎

Sign in with…

To save you some time, you can now sign in to comment, with a variety of accounts, for example, Twitter and Facebook! None of your username/passwords are stored here, you’re directed to whichever account you’ve decided to use.

Hope that makes things easier and quicker for you when wanting to comment on a topic!


Time for a change…

Hey everyone,

I’m changing things around a bit. I’ve closed the BBS (bulletin board) and now you can comment on any topics I post here.

You can also of course, comment on any of the pix I post in the Gallery and anything you want to say in the Guestbook.



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