Happy New Years Heartmongers!!! Everyone ready for 2012?

Ann & Nancy Wilson

Happy Holidays 2011

Ann (right) & Nancy Wilson (left) of HEART wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 😎

From Craig!

The final show of our summer tour is over. Nancy smashed her guitar at the end of the last song in celebration. Nothing says “Autumn” like an Epiphone in pieces all over the stage I say.

Twitter Message from Ann!

Hurt my knee in Seattle during Barracuda. Thats why I’m wearing a lovely knee brace tonight. Doc said Im fine, just wanted you to know! -Ann

Heart/Def Leppard Show Report – Shoreline Mt.View CA

After an incredible Zeppelin intro Heart opened up with Zep’s Rock N Roll the crowd went crazy! As the set continued I noticed Ann was now playing flute on “These Dreams” with Nancy I though it brought so much more to the song. Ann was doing some serious new vocal aerobics on “Alone” and “Reign On Me” she is just memorizing to watch live.
As their set came to an end I saw lightening and heard thunder could not believe it was raining it was so surreal a great ending to an awesome set.

The Leps were up next great stage show and theatrics and someone must have turned up the PA cuz they were LOUD!
Highlights for me seeing Rick Savage up on the Amps jamming and hearing: “Rock On” by David Essex and Switch 625 off of “High N Dry”.

All in all a great Rock N Roll Line-up!

Nancy Wilson - HEARTDef Leppard

Heart Live – Englewood, CO Comfort Dental Amphitheater 8/29/11

Pictures from Minnasota State Fair!

Heart blows Leppard off the stage!

“Heart’s set was not meant to blow the headliners off the stage, but that is indeed what happened. Heart stole the show, on every musical level. The Wilson sisters — Ann and guitarist/vocalist Nancy and band—played an hour-plus set that was simply mind-blowing.”

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