Happy New Year Heartmongers!!!

Ann, Nancy Wilson & Jason Bonham “Stairway To Heaven”

Merry Christmas Heartmongers!

Thanks for the continued support.. 2012 was incredible!!!

Ann, Nancy Wilson send message about CT shootings…

For the victims of the CT shooting, we ask you light a candle for the angels to guide them on their journey.

We love you. Ann & Nancy

Heart – Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

Congratulations “HEART” on your induction!!! Ann,Nancy Wilson, Howard Leese, Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, Michael Derosier – Big hugs from all the Heartmongers!!!

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Ann, Nancy, Steve, Roger, Howard and Michael are the six members of Heart that will be inducted. We are happy to have them as part of the Hall of Fame family.” ~Rick French, RRHF

(RRHF) #1 REQUIREMENT to become eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record.”

DREAMBOAT ANNIE 1976: Steve Fossen | Roger Fisher | Howard Leese | Michael Derosier | Ann and Nancy Wilson

Ann & Nancy Wilson (HEART) @ Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2013 Induction Announcement

Led Zeppelin on Letterman – Jimmy Page talks Ann & Nancy!

Ann & Nancy Pay Tribute to Led Zeppelin @ Kennedy Center Honors 2012

Ann & Nancy Wilson (HEART) made an appearance to honor Led Zeppelin @ Kennedy Center Honors tonight. Ann,Nancy Wilson and Jason Bonham with a full orchestra played “Stairway To Heaven” – Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones did not play.


Ann and Nancy Wilson, members of the rock band Heart, arrived to pay tribute to Led Zeppelin. Ann said on the red carpet that “Every rock band has been influenced by Led Zeppelin. I’m proud to say that they’ve influenced us.”

It will be on TV December 26, 2012

Congrats to HEART for making…


In this issue is the mags 50 best albums of 2012.

Heart – Fanatic was #37 & Strange Euphoria made the top 5 reissues!

Now time to go give Europe “The Fanatic” tour!!!

Heart - Fanatic - Classic Rock Magazine

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