Heart: Night At Sky Church — film screening

This event is SOLD OUT. Tickets may become available to the rush line 10 minutes before event time. It is advised to arrive early as seating is first-come, first-served.

Join us for a special screening of Heart’s upcoming concert film Heart: Night At Sky Church to celebrate the release of the band’s new full-length album Red Velvet Car.

Heart: Night At Sky Church was filmed during a live concert the band performed at EMP earlier this year.

Date: Friday, August 27th, 2010 Time: 7:00 pm

Heart for Record Store Day…

Ann & Nancy Wilson of HEART have issued a new brief video message. They’re releasing to record stores a special heart-shaped red vinyl single featuring their new song “WTF”, taken from their forthcoming album, “Red Velvet Car“, also included on the ‘B‘-side is a live version of the classic song, “Magic Man.” The red vinyl release is scheduled for July 27th, 2010.

Storm Sessions: Heart 9/18-9/19

Listen for music from our recent acoustic recording session with Heart on upcoming editions of The Acoustic Storm.

Plus, Heart will be the featured artist in the Eye of The Storm on the weekend of 9/18-9/19, with some music from the acoustic sessions and excerpts from our exclusive, in-depth interview with Ann and Nancy Wilson.

The band is on tour and a new Heart CD is set for release August 31. Red Velvet Car features Hey You, WTF, Sand and the title track.

Heart on ROCKLINE radio show

Tuesday, September 15th, 2010 – 8:30PM PDT (11:30PM EDT)

Check the website for stations that carry the show!


HEART 2010

Nancy speaks to Billboard.com

A desire to work with a specific producer, Ben Mink, drove Heart to record its forthcoming new album, “Red Velvet Car.”

“We’ve always wanted to work with Ben Mink, and we’ve actually been sort of romancing him for a couple of years, just trying to get him in our corner to agree to do something,” guitarist Nancy Wilson — whose sister, singer Ann Wilson, teamed with Mink on her 2007 solo album, “Hope & Glory” — tells Billboard.com. “After they worked together, it was like, ‘Come on! Please! We’ve gotta do a Heart album with him.’ It wasn’t going to be right until we did.”

Mink (k.d. lang, Barenaked Ladies) not only produced the 10-track album but also co-wrote with the Wilson sisters and played a variety of instruments during the sessions. “I played a lot of guitar with him on this one,” Nancy Wilson reports. “Playing guitar with him was one of those ‘Wow!’sort of moments. We have similar instincts, like separated at birth guitar-playing instincts. It was just a natural fit — and for us to be writing songs, too.”

Wilson says nine of the 10 songs on “Red Velvet Car” — which comes out Aug. 31 and is Heart’s first new studio album since “Jupiter’s Darling” in 2004 — are new to the project, while the track “Sand” hails from “Whirlygig,” the 1997 album by the Wilsons’ side project the Lovemongers. “Back then we didn’t have a good budget to produce anything that sounded very good,” Wilson says, “but (‘Sand’) is one of those songs that just kept coming back and coming back. Ben saw us do it live and pointed out that we might want to bring that song on.”

“Red Velvet Car” will be accompanied by DVD that Heart filmed on March 5 in at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, where they previewed five of the new songs and also coverd the Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me.” The group kicks off its tour to promote the album today (July 15) with the first of four Lilith Fair dates, before headlining its own shows through late September. “We have a bigger production…just because the album’s coming out,” Wilson reports. “We’re bringing some staging, some big shapes and some projectables and some things that are going to move around and have a nice look about them and give the set a definite stylistic flair.” But she’s also looking forward to checking out Lilith and a scene that’s a result of Heart’s own groundbreaking success for women in rock during the ’70s.

“I know in so many cases a lot of the women who came up through the singer-songwriter, Lilith Fair era, the earlier Lilith Fair era, did say that we were influences on them,” Wilson notes. “It’s always flattering. It’s the ultimate compliment to be imitated or at least be somebody’s influence, for sure.”

But she and her sister are less pleased with some previous Heart members — including co-founders and former boyfriends Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen — who performed on May 15 at the Synergia Northwest concert in Tacoma, Wash. “It’s a little challenging to put up with some of the original lineup guys,” she says. “Some of the original guys are trying to look back and trying to recreate something. They had a Heart reunion without Ann and Nancy, and…they were dissing us on the local radio and stuff, saying negative things about me and Ann. What can you do?”

Red Velvet Car promo video

Sony have recently issued this promotional video for the upcoming release of Red Velvet Car 😎

Heart comes to San Francisco – Lilith Fair Shoreline Amphitheatre!

July 5thSee ya’ there!

Lilith Fair 2010

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