Crazy On You ~ Live in ’09

Thanks to Dexxstar, here is Ann and Nancy and the rest of the band, performing “Crazy On You“, live at the Edgefield in Portland, Oregon, USA on September 25th, 2009.

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Track list
1. Strong, Strong Wind
2. Magic Man
3. Crazy On You
4. Dreamboat Annie (reprise)
5. Barracuda
6. Little Queen
7. Kick It Out
8. Love Alive
9. Heartless
10. Straight On
11. Dog & Butterfly
12. Even It Up
13. Bebe Le Strange
14. Tell It Like It Is
15. This Man Is Mine
16. How Can I Refuse
17. Rock And Roll (Live)

“Dog & Butterfly” Children’s Book!

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Baby Guitars – Nancy Wilson

Baby Guitars ( Exclusive)
This title will be released on October 6th, 2009.

Acoustic instrumentals for babies to fall asleep to.
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1. Blinky Blinkers
2. Every Snowflake
3. Sun On The Rug
4. Toes In The Sand
5. Hold On To Me
6. Cozy Rain
7. Silky
8. Buzz Buzz
9. Cute Galoot
10. How Many Stars

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