Time for a change…

Hey everyone,

I’m changing things around a bit. I’ve closed the BBS (bulletin board) and now you can comment on any topics I post here.

You can also of course, comment on any of the pix I post in the Gallery and anything you want to say in the Guestbook.



Heart in the Studio

Heart in the Studio

Heart in the Studio

Continuing with its ‘In the Studio’ series, Rock n’ Roll Books will release Heart – In the Studio in June, 2007. Featuring a chapter-by-chapter account of the recording of the entire Heart catalog, including the making of hits like ‘Magic Man’, ‘Crazy On You’, ‘Barracuda’, ‘These Dreams’, ‘Alone’, ‘All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)’, and others Ann and Nancy Wilson made famous over their 25+ year career, the book will feature exclusive interviews with all of the band’s producers, including Mike Flicker, Keith Olsen, Ron Nevison, Ritchie Zito, Duane Baron, and others, as well as interviews with band members chronicling the recording of the band’s catalog of multi-platinum albums. Authored by biographer Jake Brown, the publishing house will also release ‘Rick Rubin In the Studio’ in June, 2007.”

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