~New Message from Ann Wilson~

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    One Response to “~New Message from Ann Wilson~”

    1. Chris Yancik says:

      How gorgeous can a woman be?!! I almost had a… a… heart attack!! (Yeah, I went there!) But seriously, I can honestly say a 65 year old woman has never, ever made my pulse race before. Ever. I understand she sings, too? Haha!! I have loved this woman since I first heard Crazy On You when it hit the radio. I was 12 at the time and she made my pulse race before I ever laid eyes on her. I consider her the greatest rock singer of all-time, period. No one who started in the 70s or earlier still brings it like Ann, except maybe Paul Rodgers. The beauty of her soul, manifested in her singing and poetry, will continue to illuminate my life to my final days. Love you, Ann!!!

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