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Posted by: Nancy Wilson
Postcards from the road~

I’m sitting in a corner room looking at amazing silver white clouds rolling over Syracuse. The incredible historic buildings around the campus here stand in the sky like ancient icons in living postcards.
But right now I am mainly excited that in this hotel room I have not one but two windows that actually OPEN. You walk into rooms at all hours and first of all you check the window and it appears to open, only to find that it has been cruelly bolted shut. Why? Do they think we will all jump? Couldn’t they just fix it to open even just a little?

Little things can be so big! The devil’s in the details as they say. Like when you forget to bring extra waters in your suitcase and there’s nothing but rusty tap water till morning. Travel is a thirsty business. Yes you can carry a bulky water filter system. And a coffee press, grinder and beans. A bag of snacks. A good pillow. A small sound system plus cords. A candle and matches. Laptop. Purse. Suitcase. You can’t drag it all around. There are fewer and fewer bellman to help these days so you have to pack like a Ninja and be ready to carry it all yourself.

There’s a few extra things I carry with me that make a huge difference along the way. 2 extension cords and a power strip. A small kit with scissors, a bottle opener, first aid, and most importantly gaffers tape.
You can do anything with gaffers tape~ you can make your own Do Not Disturb sign. You can vector cords away from your work area. You can baby proof a whole room. You can fix your hems, seams and shoes. Furniture. Coffee cup handles. Eye glasses. Make signs and decorate anything anywhere. You can even make a wallet! I think I may own every color and variety of gaffers tape. It’s long been a big part of my professional life. You could arguably say rock shows might not have even survived this long without gaffers tape. Because if there were no glow in the dark strips laid down as guide lines through the black back stage obstacle course, many rock players (altered or not) could have easily crashed or worse.
I am rather fond of gaffers tape!

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